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Music straight out of heartland in Lawrence, Kansas. Steeped in history and inspiration from the natural world, Signal Ridge writes and performs original songs about prairie fires, coal mining and dancing coyotes. Jesse Carr brings an old-time feel with his mandolin, fiddle and banjo quips. Brandon Allai flat picks the guitar. His voice, smooth and cathartic. His lyrics, straight from soul. Rachel Allai, rounds out the corners with gentle harmonies and singing on the fiddle. Peter Oviatt, now in New Mexico, is as versatile as they come. Playing intricate, yet sweet melodic runs on the banjo. They all have a love for music and an awe for the natural environment. Multi-talented, these folks garden, rehab wild animals, river guide, but most of all celebrate, with their music.  
"Lamp Lighter" by Geoff Benzing

About the name, Signal Ridge

One of the most scenic views of Lawrence, KS is just south of town at a place called Signal Oak. On this ridge, you can see the city and its three surrounding river valleys, the Wakarusa, Coal and Kaw (Kansas River). During the time of the Civil War, Lawrence was known for its anti-slavery values and was a safe haven for freed and escaped slaves. Because of this, Lawrence became targeted by pro-slavery guerrillas and intense battles were fought on and around the town. The Signal Oak tree served as a place for people to hang lanterns warning the town of incoming raiders. The name, Signal Ridge, is an homage to the town that this band was formed in. And serves as a reminder to always shine the light. No matter the odds. Geoffrey Benzing, a wonderful friend and respected artist in Lawrence, KS painted this beautiful portrait of the "lamp lighter." 

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